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Seafloor Collision Avoidance Assist

Updated: Jan 3, 2022

Seafloor is proud to announce the availability of an industry-disrupting Collision Avoidance Assist (CAA) package for integration on future unmanned survey vessels. The system's main components include an onboard computer and LiDAR to navigate around both stationary & moving objects. Our point cloud 360-based system detects and tracks objects in real time within a standard 25m radius. The introductory-level system reduces human navigation errors, increases data acquisition efficiency, and overall - protects survey instruments during missions.

Our engineers have configured the CAA system to be modular, so that future software iterations and instruments can be added depending on the desired level of function. Currently, there is no other low-cost collision avoidance package on the market that can be mounted into mid-sized unmanned vessels like the EchoBoat-160 and EchoBoat-240. This development brings heightened hands-off capabilities to our line of survey vessels so more focus can be directed towards collecting precision hydrographic data.

CAA Highlights:

  • Integrated into AutoNav autopilot system, only basic knowledge of mission planning needed

    • No additional control software required

    • Can be integrated into alternative control systems

  • Leverages LiDAR point cloud clustering to gain a true representation of the environment

    • IP67+ LiDAR provides a dense 3D depth map

  • Global cloud integrated software distribution platform allowing for Over-The-Air updates of core software and machine learning elements

  • Adjustable avoidance reaction distance

    • 25m standard

    • 50m available with alternate higher-density LiDAR

  • Powerful NVIDIA computer with integrated GPU handles processing

    • World's leading platform for AI at the edge

*Responsibility for the Proper Operation of Your Vessel:

CAA (Collision Avoidance Assist) performs the functions of obstacle avoidance designed for use in compatible vessels. While using CAA, it is your responsibility to ensure that you follow instructions for use of service and exercise good judgment. Access to and use of CAA is at your own risk and responsibility, and CAA should be accessed and/or used only when you can do so safely. CAA does not alleviate the need for human in the loop observation. It is designed to assist the vessel operator who must remain aware of navigation and surroundings at all times. Vessel must be operated by a fully attentive driver that is prepared to take over at any moment.

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