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L&H Survey


Seafloor's intuitive data collection solutions increase field efficiency, improve safety, and reduce the need for additional support personnel on the job. Our remote platforms have been used in such environmental applications as streamflow measurement and saltwater intrusion research.


Large and small agencies alike come to Seafloor for innovative environmental research platforms. Our team is here to develop the best course of action for your particular environmental initiative.


Seafloor offers an array of monitoring, controlling, and information hardware / software solutions for dredging applications. Ours and third-party products are your underwater eyes for projects ranging from small bucket to large trailing suction hopper dredge operations.

Dredge Operation Terrain Map.png

Land & Hydrographic Survey

Seafloor can equip you to perform a land survey, hydrographic survey, or a combination of each with our in-depth knowledge of both disciplines.


Specializing in hydrography, the science of measuring and mapping underwater features, Seafloor carries cutting edge instrumentation, ancillary hardware, and remote survey platforms designed to meet desired budget and data output parameters.

Additionally, Seafloor provides equipment and support for land survey applications. We leverage our network of top industry partners to outfit you with the best setup for the job.



Law Enforcement / SAR

A view underwater when it's needed most. With modern sonar and submersible vessels, agencies now have the ability to conduct search and rescue (SAR) missions with heightened precision, efficiency, and safety. Seafloor has access to industry-leading equipment and submersible platforms to make your agency's next SAR swift and successful.

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