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Single Beam Sonar

HydroLite-Plus Data Sheet

Power: Rechargeable DC 10~75V, 2W max Battery

Output Formats: NMEA, ASCII, ODOM, ATLAS, Sonarmite

I/O Connections: Serial, Bluetooth®

GPS Compatibility: Trimble, Leica, Topcon, Sokkia, Epoch, Carlson, HYPACK, QPS, EIVA, PDS 2000



Hardware: HydroLite-Plus Boat Mount / Pole Kit

Depth Accuracy: 1cm / 0.1% of depth

Operating Range: Up to 200m

Frequency: 200 kHz (single) / 200/30KHz (dual)

Beam Width: 10° (single) /  5°/26° (dual)

Ping Rate: 100 Hz man (single) / 10Hz max (dual)

The new Hydrolite Plus™ is a result of Seafloor's 20+ years of developing echosounders for surveyors. The Hydrolite Plus™ is one-person portable, and built with robust components to survive any survey environment. Both single and dual frequency units quickly measure and log depths more accurately than standard systems, making fast work of ponds, rivers, lakes, and more. 


Other systems available from our third-party partners:

Echotrac E20.png

Teledyne™ Echotrac E20

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