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The SmartCast™ was designed to automatically deploy a sound velocity profiler to user-selected depths. The winch can be mounted onto the front of the USV and uses an IP69k encoder to track the SVP. The user can arm the system, toggle between RC and auto, change units, enter the desired cast depth, and monitor cast activity all within the Seafloor SmartCast software.

Using the integrated limit switch, the home position is reset before every cast to ensure accurate casts. The system can also sense if the SVP has hit bottom, and will return to home when detected. 

The winch comes spooled with enough rope to reach 30m and has been tested to give a margin of error of only 0.5% (15 cm) at max depth. Once the SVP resurfaces, data is automatically communicated to your PC or phone via bluetooth. The winch is compatible with most sound velocity profilers. 



Max Length/ Depth: 30 m

Data Sheet

Also Deploys:

CTD Profilers

Multi- Parameter Systems

Water Sampling Sensors

Counter Accuracy: 0.5%

System Resolution: 0.10cm

Max Payload: 10 kg

User Manual

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