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The EchoBoat-160™ USV is a purpose-built remote survey platform for hydrographic data collection. With true one-button startup, the nimble vessel accomplishes the same results demanded of large, crewed boats more efficiently and at a fraction of the cost. 
Like its renowned predecessors, the fifth generation EchoBoat-160™ integrates professional-grade sensor suites in a compact package to navigate challenging bodies of water by remote control or autonomous wayfinding. Perform hydrographic surveys remotely, safely, and confidently with this meticulously engineered unmanned surface vessel. 

Applications: Inspection / survey of mines, sewage treatment plants, contaminated lakes, harbors and rivers. *Both remotely controlled and autonomous navigation suites available. 


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Integrated Ping DSP Side Scan Sonar Available

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Survey Speed: 3 kn

Top Speed: 5 kn (Payload Dependent)

Hull Length: 1.7  m / 66.9 in

Hull Width: 0.8 m / 31.5 in

Hull Material: UV Resistant HDPE

Frame: Aluminum Powder Coated

Hardware: Stainless Steel

Empty Hull Weight: 45 kg / 100 lbs

Payload: 29 kg / 65 lbs

Power: 24 V

Communications: 2.4 GHz UHF Telemetry

Battery Endurance: 8 Hours at Survey Speed

Motor: 2x Brushless DC Outdrive

Remote Control: RCU 2.4GHz omni directional antenna

Remote Range: Up to 2 km

GPS: Compatible with All Brands - Customer Specified

Available Sonar Modules: Single Beam, Multibeam,

      ADCP, Side Scan, Sub-bottom Profiler, Magnometer

Available Auxiliary Equipment: Sound Velocimeter,

      Velocity Profiler or CTD, Wi-Fi Remote Desktop, HD Thermal Camera
      Remote Controlled Profiling Winch, LiDAR


Data Sheet

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