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Seafloor to Deliver EchoBoat-240 USV to Newcrest Mining

The Seafloor EchoBoat-240 is a 2.5m / 8ft remote vessel that excels in mapping confined or shallow waters where traditional multibeam survey methods are not suitable.

In a sale facilitated through Ultimate Positioning Group, one of our esteemed worldwide dealers in Australia, client Newcrest Mining has purchased an EchoBoat-240 USV for hydrographic survey missions in Papua New Guinea.

The Unmanned Surface Vessel, utilizing an integrated Teledyne SeaBat T50-ER multibeam sonar system, will remotely collect vital depth data in waters ranging from 5m-700m deep. The data results will be used to guide the planning and managing of waste disposal to support Newcrest Mining's operations.

Taking the client's operational needs into full consideration, the Seafloor team custom-designed this EchoBoat-240. From drawing board to production, our technicians performed the complete system integration, cable by cable.

Here's a breakdown of the build list:

The Seafloor team tests the newly-built EchoBoat-240 prior to shipping the unit to Papua New Guinea

Once delivered, Newcrest Mining will receive Seafloor's support to assemble the USV, confirm complete system functionality, and train members of the team on proper operation of the vessel. Through this partnership with Ultimate Positioning Group and Newcrest Mining, Seafloor will be able to proudly deliver another proven hydrographic survey solution.

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