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USACE Enlists Seafloor to Retrofit Survey Vessel

 Seafloor is partnering with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Los Angeles District, on a $1.2 million project utilizing some of the most advanced hydrographic survey equipment available today. 

The USACE Los Angeles District provides civil works and military engineering support to Southern California, Nevada, Arizona, and parts of Utah. The area encompasses 226,000 square miles, 420 miles of coastline, and 14 harbors.

Among the 14 navigation projects and 13 miles of breakwaters maintained by the district are the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach, which ship and receive the majority of goods transported to and from the West Coast of America. The district is also responsible for the operation and maintenance of 16 dams and 54 miles of flood control channels.

With its vast area of jurisdiction, The USACE LA District requires powerful tools to monitor and secure shipping / navigation channels and large stretches of coastline. The District has enlisted Seafloor's expertise in charting waters in the past, having purchased an EchoBoat-240™ to map previously unreachable areas among harbors and inland territory.

The latest contract between Seafloor and the USACE involves outfitting a 26 foot North River 'Sounder' to transform it into a powerful, purpose-built hydrographic survey vessel. North River Boats is known for its unmatched attention to detail and level of craftsmanship, setting the bar for the heavy gauge aluminum boat industry. 

With a platform secured, there will also be heavy-hitting instrumentation pulled from the top brands in the hydrographic survey world. The equipment list includes:

• Dual side-mounted Teledyne IDH T50 multibeam echosounders

• An integrated Applanix Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) sensor

• Two AML Oceanographic Sound Velocity Profiling Sensors. 

Having the latest technology available aboard the vessel will allow the USACE to map the seafloor in astounding detail. Potential obstacles, natural sediment transport, and subsea infrastructure will be monitored more efficiently, and with greater precision.

Seafloor's team of technicians and production specialists will execute all aspects of system integration, delivery, training, support, and the sea acceptance test for the vessel. The final delivery of this custom boat is expected to be in the range of twelve months from the time the contract was signed.

The turnkey, ready-to-map North River will be one of the most capable hydrographic survey tools in the USACE's fleet to date. Seafloor is proud to undertake the challenge and will lean on its twenty plus years of industry experience to deliver a powerful package and provide support the members of the LA District that will be handed the keys. 

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