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The HydroCat-180™ USV is capable of transiting from inshore to nearshore environments with high-resolution equipment payloads to conduct preplanned autonomous hydrographic surveys. The 18ft

(5.5m) catamaran features individually-articulating pontoons, a gimballed deck, retractable sonar pole mount, and independently-actuated electric motors. The vessel can be transported via trailer, programmed to execute missions, and navigate up to sea state 5 conditions with its aluminum hull construction.

Applications: Inspection / survey of lakes, harbors, large rivers, 

rough nearshore environments, water quality research, tidal zones.

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Length: 18 ft (5.5 m)

Width: 8 ft (2.5 m)

Overall Height: 7.5 ft (2.3m)

Equipment Payload: 800 lbs (365 kg)

Propulsion: Dual Electric Torqueedo Outboards

Communication: Wifi Data Com System

Computer: Onboard Industrial PC

Default Battery Configuration: 4 Batteries

Max Speed: 6 kn*

Optimal Survey Speed: 2.5kn - 4.0kn*

*Speed in ideal conditions. 4 to 18 hours operational endurance at survey speed or 1.5 hours operational endurance at max speed with default battery configuration.

Can upgrade to additional batteries to extend survey operation endurance.


Data Sheet

From the design board to open waters, the HydroCat-180 is a versatile platform for deploying the highest-resolution equipment available.

Surveying off California's coast with a SeaBat T20 installed in 3m rollers and 1m chop.  Survey speed 5-6 knots with sonar pole deployed.

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