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Uncrewed Vessel Performs Dredge Pit Survey

Updated: Jun 2, 2021

Sheer walls, no ramp for large craft, and heavy machinery whirring with activity nearby; there are several factors at play when surveying an aggregate dredge pit. That's where our experts and remote survey platforms shine!

Seafloor's Jeffrey Riley recently utilized an EchoBoat-160 USV to map nine seperate sand & gravel pits in the Los Angeles area to determine the volume of material dredged, as well as material still in reserve. Working with Chris Nelson and Associates, a California survey and engineering firm, Jeff and their Sr. Land Surveyor, Tim Kana, were able to perform hydrographic surveys on all nine pits in just three days. The data provided high-resolution, 100% mapping coverage of the underwater excavation zones. Using the EchoBoat-160 allowed the dredge to stay fully operational during the survey, and vastly mitigated the risks associated with putting a crewed vessel on the water. The resulting survey confirmed the site was operating within state regulatory parameters, and the business was re-certified to continue excavating. Another mighty job aided by our nimble crew and compact survey solutions!

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