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User Manuals

Seafloor strives to keep the most up to date informational resources available to users. If you don't see what you're looking for, let us know how we can assist you, and one of our experts will reach out shortly.

Hydrolite TM

User Manual

Hydrolite DFX

User Manual

HyDrone USV

User Manual

Remote Control Setup

Remote Throttle Calibration

Remote Pairing Guide

EchoBoat-160 USV

User Manual

Remote Control Setup

EchoBoat-240 USV

User Manual

HydroCat-180 USV

User Manual

AutoNav Plus

User Manual

AutoNav Pairing Guides

AutoNav With Hypack

AutoNav With Mission Planner


HYPACK 2022 User Manual

HYPACK 2022 Common Driver Notes

2022 Hysweep Interfacing

Hydrolite Plus Single Frequency

User Manual

Control Program

Hydrolite Plus Dual Frequency

User Manual

Control Program

Hydrolite Pairing Instructions

Carlson SurvCE

Leica Captivate

Leica Smartworx

Leica Viva

Topcon MagnetField

Topcon Topsurv

Trimble Access

Trimble SCS900

Trimble Terrasync

WCOM Serial Terminal

SonarMite App

SmartCast Winch

SonarMite App

User Manual


TriDrone Quickstart


SeaRAY User Manual

Battery Care & Warnings

Battery Care Manual

Reson T-Series MBES

SeaBat Sonar UI User Manual v.1.4.12


Valeport SVP

SWiFT SVP & SWiFTplus Operating Manual

Connect Software Operating Manual



SeaBat Updater Quick Installation Guide

Sonar UI Quick Installation Guide for T-Series

T-Series Rackmount Quick Guide

T-Series Rackmount_OpMan

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