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Seafloor Echoboat-240™ U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Los Angeles District

The Seafloor Systems EchoBoat-240™ is a scaled-up version of our standard workhorse EchoBoat-160™ remote-controlled and autonomous survey platform. It was designed for applications requiring the highest resolution sensor suite available, and to be more stable in rough water.

Ease of use was top of mind during development. The hinged water-tight lid quickly opens and closes, so all one has to do is power on the vessel, deploy it, and begin surveying. Live props reduce weed entanglement, and the SVP is encapsulated in the bow for protection. The wave-piercing hull was designed by our engineers to efficiently collect data and save time in the field.

With the EchoBoat-240™ platform, users can integrate robust equipment payloads to obtain professional grade results. Still two person transportable, it is ideal for launching from a trailer or cart in areas where a manned boat is not feasible. It can also be lowered via davit from a survey boat to be used as a force multiplier, working in shallower areas or alongside the main boat.

USACE EchoBoat-240 - Integrated Equipment:
• Teledyne SeaBat T50-R ultra high resolution Multibeam sonar
• INS Type 20 IP68 INS/IMU (Applanix Wavemaster)
• AML Micro-X sound velocity sensor
• Valeport SWIFT sound velocity profiler
• SeaBat T50-R rackmount sonar processor (RSP)
• 12/24V Power inverter
• Industrial PC with HYPACK/HYSWEEP dongle
• Wi-Fi bridge to shore-based WiFi antenna and Laptop

EchoBoat-240 features include:
• Rugged, pollutant-resistant HDPE hull for maximum durability
• Wave-piercing displacement hull shape
• Actuating thrusters
• Integrated Battery with external AC Power charging port
• Intelligent power supply with protected power management
• Configurable cargo deck and internal equipment rack
• Integrated Industrial PC and Wi-Fi Communication
• Custom transport trailer
• QuickCast profiling sensor winch
• Valeport SWIFT Sound Velocity Profiler
• Water-tight hatch
• Hatch for battery

Technical Specifications:
Hull Length: 2.4m
Hull Width: 0.9m
Hull Material: UV Resistant HDPE

Typical Survey Speed: 3-4 knots
Top Speed: 5 knots (payload dependent)
Battery Endurance: 8 hours at Survey Speed
Power: 25.2VDC
Maximum Conditions: 4-5’ waves/chop

Empty Hull Weight & Batteries: 158 kg / 350 lbs.
Payload: 90 kg / 200 lbs.
Motor: 2 x Brushless DC Outdrive thrusters
Remote Range: 2km (line of site)
AutoNav Range: 2km (line of site)
Forward-Looking Camera: Yes

Example Payload: Multibeam Sonar (Teledyne RESON SeaBat T50/T20, R2Sonic 2024, DVL,

QuickCast Profiling Winch: ADCP, Sound Velocity Profiler) Sound velocity profiler

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