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ROV (Remotely Operated Vehicles)


The SeaROVr is a Seafloor's Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) package designed to dive underwater carrying various survey and
inspection payloads. The rugged submersible provides
high-end performance at the price of typical basic-level
platforms. Modular connection points allow users to attach
desired equipment add-ons to suit the observation mission.


The SeaROVr platform is ideal for search and rescue
applications that require swift identification of submerged
objects and flagging of the site for dive teams.

Applications: Search & Recovery, Inspection / Survey of mines, Inspection of Ports, Offshore Drilling & Construction Inspection, Inspection of Contaminated Lakes, Harbors and Rivers. *Optional Sidescan Sonar Available. 



Survey Speed: 3 kn

Top Speed: 5 kn (Payload Dependent)

Length: 18  in / 45.7 cm

Width: 13.3 in / 33.8 cm

Weight in Air: 24 lbs

Max Rated Depth: 330 ft / 100 m

Buoyancy in Freshwater: Neutral

Camera: 1080p Low Light

Battery: 14v, 18Ah Battery

Motor: 8x Brushless Vectored Thrusters

Remote Control: RCU 2.4GHz omni directional antenna

Available Sonar Modules: Side Scan Sonar

Available Auxiliary Equipment: Grabber Arm, 4 Lights, Payload Skid/Additional Mounting Space

Data Sheet


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