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HydroLite-TM Hydrone RCV HydroLite-DFX
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Information  $ 6,399.85
HyDrone™ RCV
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Information $4,999.95
Add to Cart Information $7,500
Sonarm8 Echosounder Sonamite Echosounder Sidescan Sonar Logging Software Pole Mount
SonarM8™ Echosounder
 $ 4,499.95
Sonarmite™ Echosounder
Information  $ 4,999.95
Sidescan Sonar
Add to Cart
Information  $ 4,500
TideM8 Portable Logging Tide Gauge Ship Motion Control Echoboat
Ohmex TideM8
Information  $ 3,799.95
SMC IMU-108 Motion Sensor
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Information  $ 17,995
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Information  $ Call for Price
Odom Digibar S Survey Max Echo Cat Catamaran Platform
Odom Digibar S SVP
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Information  $ 5,999.95
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Information  $ Call for Price
Echo Cat™ Catamaran Platform
Information  $ 1,299.95

HydroLite-TM Accessories

Hydrolite Polekit Transducer Shoe Transducer Shoe
Hydrolite™ Bracket/Pole Kit
Information  $ 999.95
Transducer Mounting Bracket
$ 165
2' Pole Section
Information $ 65
Survey Point Sonarmite Charger Sonarmite Serial Cable
Survey Point
Information $ 29.95
Sonarmite™ Charger
Information  $ 179.95
Sonarmite™ Serial Cable
Information   $ 90
Sonarmite Transducer Sonarmite Battery Sonarmite PDA/SonarXP
Sonarmite™ 200-kHz Transducer
Information  $ 999.95
Sonarmite™ Battery
Information  $ 69.99
Sonarmite™ SM Mobile
Information   $ 799.95
Pelican Storm Case Pelican Storm Case Sonarmite Velcro Pouch
HydroLite-TM Pelican Storm Case
Information $ 399.95
Sonarmite™ Pelican Storm Case
Information $ 199.95
Sonarmite™ Velcro Pouch
Information  $ 119.99
Sonarmite Bluetooth Antenna C1 Year Warranty HydroLite Boat Mount Knob
Sonarmite™ Bluetooth Antenna
Information $ 25.00
1 Year Extended Warranty
Information $ 350
HydroLite™ Boat Mount Knob
Information $ 5.00
HydroLite™ Boat Mount Clip Set
Information $ 5.00


Hemisphere xf2 Trimble 5t Data Collector Trimble GeoXH DGPS Data Collector
Hemisphere XF2
Information $ 1,499.95
Trimble 5t Data Collector
Add to Cart Information  $ 3,295
Trimble Geo 7 Series Data Collector
Add to Cart Information $ 5,495
Trimble Tornado Antenna Trimble Tempest Antenna Hemisphere A325 Smart Antenna
Trimble Tornado Antenna
Information   $ 2,199.95
Trimble Tempest Antenna
Information  $ 699.95
Hemisphere A325 Smart Antenna
Information $ 1,999.95
Trimble GPS Pro6T Trimble GPS Pro6H Hemisphere S320
Trimble GPS Pathfinder Pro6T
Information $ 3,000
Trimble GPS Pathfinder Pro6H
Information $ 6,000
Hemisphere S320
Add to Cart Information $ 6,999.95


TerraSync Hypack Survey Software Sonarmite PDA/SonarXP
Add to Cart Information $ Call for Price
Hypack Survey Software
Add to Cart Information  $ Call for Price
Sonarmite™ SM Mobile
Information $ 799.95
Carlson SurvCE    
Carlson SurvCE
Add to Cart Information $ Call for Price
Ex Rental

hydrolite Ultralab ULS 40D Teledyne Benthos SIS-1624
Ultralab ULS
$ Call for Price
Teledyne Benthos SIS-1624
$Call for price
Sonarmite BT Odom ES3 Hydrolite-MB
Sonarmite BT
Odom ES3 RTA
$Call for price
Teledyne TSS MAHRS
Teledyne TSS MAHRS
$Call for price
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